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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Jan. 13, 1954

U.S. Army Units Aid 68 Pusan Charities 

PUSAN, Korea, Jan. 13- Sixty-eight different relief and charitable agencies are being helped by U.S. Army units in this metropolitan area.

According to a list released yesterday by Pusan Military Post, most of the institutions that have been "adopted" by American soldiers are orphanages. However, the list also included schools, old people's homes, war-widow's homes, hospitals and churches.

A total of 88 American military units are acting as sponsors. Some f the larger agencies have two or more benefactors.

Brig. Gen. Richard S. Whitcomb, commanding general of PMP, pointed out that the soldiers give their time, un-saleable scrap, gifts, money and other badly needed goods to the institutions.

Also, Whitcomb added, "Many of the military units are rejuvenating old and building new buildings under the Armed Forces Assistance to Korea program.

"We are still not reaching all the needy," he said, "for there are more charitable institutions that do not have a sponsor yet."

Whitcomb urged military units who want to assist to contact the PMP civil affairs section for names of other agencies that need a helping hand.






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