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Pacific Stars and Stripes, 22 January, 1953


HQ Rycom, Jan. 22-M/Sgt. Harold A. LaRose, now with Battery A, 65th Antiaircraft gun battalion, Ryukyus Command on Okinawa, this week received word that his Korean protégé arrived at his parents home on New Year's Day.

Sixteen year old Kim Hong Song is now busy becoming acquainted with the American way of life while living with his foster parents in Glen Falls, N.Y.

Kim and LaRose, who initiated the Korean Orphan's sponsorship and adoption, met in the field of the South Korean village of Poen during the United Nations northward drive in the fall of 1950. During the Sergeant's stay in Korea he and Kim became fast friends. Then LaRose and some of his fellow-soldiers chipped in to pay Kim's passage to the states, with the understanding he would be taken into the LaRose family whenever the necessary immigration waiting time was ended.






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