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Pacific Stars and Stripes, 7 Feb 53

Charity of U.S. Troops 'Fantastic,' Bishop Says

By PFC Ray Waterkotte

TOKYO, Feb. 7 (Pac. S&S)- An American bishop who sees no harm in pin-up pictures said yesterday his countrymen in Korea are the most charitable servicemen in the history of the world.

Back in Tokyo after an Air force-sponsored 18-day round of missions in Korea, the Rt. Rev. Austin Purdue, bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Pittsburgh, Pa., enthused in an interview in the Sanno hotel, "The charity of the men in Korea is fantastic."

"EVERY OUTFIT I went to had an orphanage or two," he said. "One jet fighter base was supporting 320 kids entirely by itself. I was always surrounded by kids the fellows had rescued by rolling bands of homeless."

Bishop Pardue, still keyed up from his swing through Korea, declined to comment on morals of the troops in Korea.

"I didn't go to peep through keyholes or look over transoms," he said. "But I can say morals are wonderful in this respect. Charity covers a multitude of sins. And Americans in Korea are the most charitable services in the history of the world."

The bishop said he had the chance to visit some army installations during his tour with the Air force in Korea and discovered that there were pin-ups in the bunkers.

"THERE ARE PIN-UP pictures in the bunkers, but I don't think there's any harm in that." he said. "The men there aren't a bunch of saints and lets not try and make them that they are. They're human beings with the greatest of all virtues coming out."

The spiritual head of Pittsburgh's 50,000 Episcopalians journeyed to Korea at the request of the Air force chief of Chaplains to conduct the Air force's annual Protestant mission.

He stamped the "Faith and Prayer" theme with his personal trademark-the "no ought'' sermon which has made him an internationally known speaker and writer.

"I DIDN'T TELL them what to do. I only tried to help the men improve their prayers. If they improve prayers, they'll take care of what they ought to do by themselves," he remarked.

He'll give a preaching mission on the same topic at the New Kaljo Chapel in Tokyo Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

About attendance at the 11 schedule talks and seven confirmation services he held in Korea, Bishop Pardue winked. "They weren't shy of my Episcopal guns."


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