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Pacific Stars and Stripes, 15 Feb 53

Yanks Drive For Korean Boys' Town

By PFC Jim Morrissey

WITH 5TH RCT, Feb. 15 (Pac. S&S)-The 5th Regimental Combat Team opened a drive last week to build a Korean "Boy's Town" on an island in the Han river near Seoul as a living monument to men of the 5th RCT who have died in Korea.

The refuge for Korean boys left homeless by the war will be constructed on Ram Ji Do, the former site of a YMCA summer camp for boys. All but one of the buildings on the island was destroyed during the siege of Seoul.

WHEN COMPLETED, "Boy's Town, Korea will have classrooms, workshops, and housing units for some 200 boys. Men of the 5th RTC have set a goal of $18,000 to carry the project through the first 18 months of operation.

Fund raising for the project got off to a flying start last week with men in the "Triple Nickel" (555th Field Artillery Battalion) raising $2,500 of their $2,700 goal with a raffle.

The 5th is in the midst of its own raffle with prizes including a trip to Japan and $100 being offered to donors. Twelve other valuable prizes add further interest to the drive .

FUTURE PLANS CALL FOR THE ISLAND Boy's Town to be self- supporting. Col. Lee L. Alfred, former regimental commander, offered his regiment's help in getting the homes started a few months ago when Hyn Dong Won, general secretary of the Seoul YMCA, told him of a need for such a project.

Boy's Town, Korea will be dedicated to the fighting men of the regiment who have died since the regiment entered the Korean War.






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