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NY242-(1/15)-CHEJU ISLAND, KOREA: "Peter Rabbit," little Korean waif evacuated from Seoul, grins with joy as he is helped into a pair of cowboy boots by S/Sgt. Merle Strang, of Bangor, Mo.  "Peter" is one of hundreds of orphans flown from war-ravaged homeland to safety on islands off southern coast of Korea.  Boots were among gifts donated by people in U.S. & by Air Force personnel.  (ACME TELEPHOTO)

Chaplain's Assistant S/Sgt. Merle Y. (Mike) Strang, USAF, trying on a pair of boots on an orphan rescued in the Kiddy Car Airlift of 20 Dec. 1950. Photo taken by USAF photographer at the Orphans' Home of Korea on 15 January, 1951 when Chaplain Blaisdell and his assistant delivered a plane load of goods donated by USAF personnel and dependents stationed in Japan. Photo is from the archives of Chaplain (Colonel) Russell L. Blaisdell, USAF, Retired.

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