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Pacific Stars and Stripes, May 18, 1953

$928 Donated To Korea Tots By Navy Crew


TOKYO, May 18 (Pac. S&S) - Navy men aboard the attack transport Henrico at Inchon recently showed their hearts to be as big as their ship when they gave 147 Korean orphans the time of their young lives and $928.50 to their orphanage.  Each of the tots, who came from the Inchon Women's Police orphanage and ranged from 2 to 12 years old, were stuffed with cake and ice cream, shown cartoons, and serenaded by the ship's hillbilly band, the Henrico Ramblers.  The children, happy and smiling and dressed in Korean costumes, added to the fun by singing and dancing. 

TWO ASSAULT BOATS brought the orphans to the Henrico, and as each child climbed to the top of the gangway, they were taken in tow by a sailor who acted as guide and guardian.  All ship's work ceased as the crew turned its full attention to the youngsters.  The party was planned by the enlisted recreation committee.

 As the little guests left the ship, each clutched a gift package containing soap, tooth paste, a wash cloth, and other articles - rare possessions to Korean children of today.




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