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Pacific Stars and Stripes, May 18, 1953


Brooklynites Donate 1,250 Baby Togs For Korean Orphans

SEOUL, May 18 (INS) - Seoul took its aged stray hat off to Brooklyn yesterday.  Mayor Kim Tai Sun accepted 1,250 baby garments from the American Red Cross Women volunteers of Brooklyn, at a presentation in this war-battered capital.  The gifts consisted of hats, shoes, and kimonos and will be distributed to orphans and other needy youngsters who have suffered much from lack of proper clothing.

THEY WERE offered to the mayor and Dr. Keum S. Sohn, director of the Korean Red Cross, by Maj. Arthur E. Donnelly, Brooklyn, public information officer, and Col. Alton A. Hill, Atlanta, 3d Transportation Military Railway Service.  Donnelly said that two other shipments were en route.  They include 150 bed sheets, 150 pajamas, and 150 nightgowns.  The hats of his listeners came off when the mayor said: 

"THE GIFTS will certainly bring cheer and happiness into the hearts of many mothers whose babies who do not have sufficient clothing.  I fell certain our esteemed president, Syngman Rhee, will be very happy to hear of the thoughtfulness of our friends from Brooklyn."

But the Mayor refused to predict who would win the National League pennant this year.



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