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Pacific Stars and Stripes, March 23, 1953

Korea Orphans Receive Milwaukee 'Lift' Clothing

 By Sid White


PUSAN, Mar. 23 (INS)-A New Yorker acting as an emissary of Milwaukee's "gift lift" to orphaned Korean children yesterday handed out stacks of clothing donated by dairy state citizens.  Cpl. Edwin M.   Rosenthal, New York City, said, "I'll never forget this day as long as I live."


HE HELPED to slip some of the clothing on the tots at the Isabelle home, an orphanage outside Pusan for children aged from 6 months to 12 years.  Fitting a pink slipper to the foot of one bewildered little girl, Rosenthal said: "I hope I don't drop her.  I haven't held a baby in my arms since my 5 year old brother Gerald gave me a big hug before I left for overseas 13 months ago."

ONE OUTFIT was donated by the mother of Pvt. Tom Corcoran, Milwaukee, who started the clothing drive and turned it over to Rosenthal when he rotated home last month.  Rosenthal's unit chaplain, (Capt.) Matthew A. Lowe, Covert, Mich., helped in the distribution and said he is making plans for more of the generous Milwaukee contributions as soon as they arrive.  He said the present shipment should take care of the needs of the Isabelle home.  There were two other orphanages on his list for later assistance.

AS HE PASSED out the clothing, Rosenthal said: "All the soldiers who have families at home appreciate any donation for these destitute children.  What I witnessed made me feel like a big brother to all of them."



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