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Pacific Stars and Stripes, January 12, 1954

 Ex-Orphan Major Aids Korean Youths

SEOUL, Jan. 12-An American Army officer in Korea is devoting much of his time during the uncertain peace to improving living conditions for the nation's homeless youngsters, Eighth Army headquarters said yesterday.  Maj. John J. Finan, Eighth Army headquarters commandant executive officer, was once an orphan himself.  "I feel I know what these youngsters go through day in and day out," he said, as he reported having collected $376 for Korean orphans during the holiday season through an appeal to the people of Cambria County, Pa.


Finan encloses copies of articles gleaned from the Pacific Stars and Stripes pointing to hardship conditions in Korea with the hope of keeping Americans at home interested in the plight of the children throughout the coming year. 


"I get a big thrill out of going to the orphanages to see the children," he said.  "Even a simple ride in a jeep is a treat to them and the look on their faces is reward enough for me to continue this work."  The major has received many letters from people not financially well off themselves, but willing to share with those less fortunate.  Letters pour into his office from people in homes for the aged, ministers, childless couples and business institutions.  Many have expressed a desire to adopt a child to whom they can send material goods.




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