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Pacific Stars and Stripes, October 14, 1950

One ROK Kid,

One Dollar: FA Unit Buys Happiness


2D INF. DIV. IN KOREA-A 37th Field Artillery Battalion "orphanage" cares for 104 tiny Korean children whose parents were killed or separated from them by war.  Each man in the unit claims a child as his own and assumes responsibility for its welfare.  All of the 104 are clothed, fed and housed through donations from the men.

Cpl. Earl L. Bunce of Kansas City, Kans., is one of the artillery men.  His ward is four year old Chin-ni.  First, Bunce gave his new charge a hot bath, rounded up a shot of penicillin, and for one American dollar, the boy was outfitted with a "long pants" suit, shoes and a cap.

Telling about it, Bunce said, "Another unit. . . started this deal and we sort of 'inherited it' when they pulled out.  When we leave, we're going to pass them (the children) on to the guys that follow."

 Bunce grinned and patted the little hand clinging to his fatigues: "Just look at all the happiness that a lousy dollar will buy, will you?  One thing, though; I'm really going to miss this guy," he said of the tiny waif.




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