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October 18, 1954

Full Day, Full Stomachs

Yanks Go All Out For ROK Orphans

By Sgt. Harold R. Kallenburg

TAEGU, Korea (S&S)-The radian smiles on the faces of more than 2,000 children Saturday attested to the success of Taegu Orphans Day.  An estimated 2,300 Korean youngsters representing 32 orphanages in the Taegu area assembled in the TMP compound at 10:00 a.m. to enjoy a full day topped off with a picnic lunch.  Maj. Gen. E.J. McGraw, KComZ commander, opened the day's festivities with a welcoming address to the boys and girls, orphanage directors, and the U.S. troops whose generosity made the day possible. 

The program began with a half-hour concert by the ROK Band, which has been rapidly gaining fame throughout the country.  A continuous showing of movies and cartoons enable every child to enjoy films.  Games and model airplane exhibitions were conducted simultaneously.  No youngster remained unoccupied for long.  Picnic lunches consisting of sandwiches, oranges, cookies, candy bars, hot chocolate and plenty of ice cream.  Chocolate smeared faces quickly became the latest style.

The orphans stole the entertainment spotlight as boys and girls took to the stage with carefully rehearsed singing and folk dancing acts.  Colorful costumes and high pitched voices received attention for nearly an hour.  American troops, with their own brand of entertainment followed the orphan's contributions.  The children were wide eyed and breathless and Cpl. Gary Mix, TMP Special Services, gave a demonstration of fire eating and bull whip handling.  Cpl. Joseph Long, also TMP Special Services, did a live tap dance on roller skates, while Pvt. Red McKuen, KCAG sang several American and Korean folk songs.  Cpl. Don Potter, TMP Special Services was emcee. 




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