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December 24, 1954

Oldsters Plan Birthday Party for Korean Orphans

BATAVIA, N.Y. (UP)-When silver-thatched members of the Golden Age Club meet at the Y.M.C.A. here Thursday for their annual Christmas Party it will also be a birthday party for Sin Boo Boo in far away Korea.  For each of the 25-odd oldsters will bring into the dining hall a present for their adopted boy, a Korean waif, who like thousands of other youngsters in his native land, has seen too much of war and too little of normal childhood.

Sin Boo Boo will reach his seventh birthday late next month, and his Batavia benefactors want his presents to reach him for the occasion at the Orphanage of Heavenly Love in South Korea.

Members Over 80

The Golden Age Club, most of whose members are octogenarians, has done much for the Korean youngster.  The members hope to do more.  They plan to bring him to the U.S. when he is 16 and then send him to college.  The club, sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. and the Batavia Board of Education, is a unique organization whose guiding light is a perky 95 years old "youngster," Eugene Hamilton.

Formed two years ago of elderly Batavians who thought they still retained enough youth and spirit to do something of a beneficial nature, the club got its chance when Hamilton's son, a retired minister, addressed members on the plight of Korean children.  That was the spark they needed to begin their pet project.  Informed that one of the first needs of Korean youngsters was warm clothing, the oldsters started a campaign to collect all kinds of garments.  Then they packed them off to the orphanage.



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