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Stars and Stripes, Mar. 8, 1955

 'Herbie' Takes Over Cannoneers

HQ. U.S. 7th DIV., Korea - Every man of the 48th FA Bn., in this division has been captured - and not a shot was fired.  The fellow who accomplished this feat is a dirty, rag covered, severely frost-bitten Korean orphan found sleeping in the street of a nearby town. 

He was taken to the unit aid station for treatment.  Since then he has taken over the entire unit.  When men of the 48th discovered he had no home, permission was granted to keep the child.

They called him "Little Herbie" and took over the responsibility of feeding him, clothing him and teaching him English.  Herbie, 7, can now count to 12.  Even though they love him, the troops of the 48th are afraid to take him on hikes any more.

In the past, he usually managed to count up to only four miles.  With his new facility for numbers he may insist on counting past that figure when they move out for a hike.  And if Herbie insists on more than four miles - this outfit is just likely to go along with him.





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