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Stars and Stripes, Aug. 15, 1953

Pvt. John F. Connelly, Huntington, W. VA., a member of the 3rd Inf. Div. Civil Affairs Section poses with some of the orphans of the Social Work Orphan Asylum of Sim, after receiving clothes sent by the John Deere Corporation of Waterloo, Iowa.

 A great fighting Army celebrates its 15th birthday Wednesday.

It was back on June 10, 1944, that the U.S. Eighth Army was born in a war-torn world.  The heroic deeds performed by the soldiers of the Eighth Army are part of the history of campaigns such as New Guinea, Leyte and Manila during World War II and the battles that shattered the peace of the Korea countryside during the conflict.

But today the soldiers of the Eighth Army are fighting in another campaign, the campaign for peace.  Ever since the Korean war truce was signed in 1953 the soldiers of the Eighth Army have been standing a vigil to guard against renewed aggression. They have been busy training and supporting their allies in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea.

Today, as in the past, under the leadership of General George H. Decker, UNC/USK/Eighth Army commander-in-chief, they are helping the people of Korea rebuild their war-torn country.  Roads, bridges, railways, airfields, hospitals, even whole villages, have been rebuilt by the men of the Eighth Army.  They have generously contributed their own time, money and skill to build and support many orphanages and schools in Korea. 

OFF-DUTY PROJECTS of Eighth Army soldiers include raising money to feed and clothe orphans and other victims of war. They are building for the future-a peaceful one.

 US Army Photo By Cpl. Irving Greenberg




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