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Soldier's Korean Assistant To 'Rotate';

Adoption Will Net Lad Home, Education


WITH 3D TMRS, Nov. 13-Military personnel traveling by train to and from Seoul have recently been attracted by the unusual sight of a Korean youngster stamping travel orders and assigning train berths at the Seoul RTO.

Doing a similar job beside the boy is an American serviceman.  The boy is Kim Myong Kil, 15, and the taller man is Cpl. Earl C. Sheets, 23, Sugar Grove, O., whose family has adopted Kim.

SHEETS, WHO IS going home soon, after working at the reservations counter of the Seoul RTO since June, 1951, said he first met Kim when the latter came to his outfit last June asking for a job.  Sheets said he immediately hired the youngster and clothed and fed him.  In the ensuing weeks, the two became closely attached to each other.  Sheets finally got his mother to start adoption proceedings.  Plans now call for Kim to join Sheets in the United States in late February.



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