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1st Air force Couple Flies to Korea From Fuchu, Adopts

5 Year Old

FUCHU AS, Japan (OIS)-The first Air Force couple to fly to Korea together under a new "free transportation ruling to adopt a Korean child have completed procedures to adopt five year old Cho Eun Yung.

T/Sgt. and Mrs. Lindsey J. Sammon were the first to take advantage of special orders by General L.L. Lemnitzer, UNC/FEC commander, which authorized military personnel travel to and from Korea to adopt an orphan.  The couple renamed Cho "Timothy" and report the youngster is rapidly taking to western ways.

THE SAMMONS went to Korea in July and visited several orphanages before choosing Tim.  Tim couldn't speak a word of English when they met him but he is catching up quickly.

Next to eating, Tim likes new clothes and toys.  But best of all, he likes his new name.

(USAF Photo)



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