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FORT SHERIDAN, ILL.:  Pictured here with Sp2 Everette J. Bovee, Jr. from New London, Wisconsin, is little Lim Choong Sik (right), formerly from Yong Dung Po, Korea, as they celebrate a long awaited reunion.  The two met each other one afternoon in June 1955, at far away Yong Dung Po where the boy spent most of his time playing around the fire station. 

Liking each other very much, Sp. Bovee could not bear to leave the boy behind when he was due to return to the U.S. in July of 1956.  He appealed to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Everette J. Bovee, 422 East Washington St., New London, and they decided to adopt the Korean youngster.  Consequently there is an addition now to the Bovee family which goes by the name of Tony Lee.  The final reunion of the two pals took place this week, as Sp. Bovee is to be discharged after 21 months of his service.  He intends to be as close as possible to his new brother Tony Lee, Nee Lim, Choong Sik.

  PRESS PHOTO)  6/19/56 



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