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Stars and Stripes, Apr. 19, 1956

Year Old Korea Orphan Going Home to Indiana

By SP3 Steve Wareck

S&S Korea Bureau

SEOUL - Three year old Donny Miller is going home to Indiana for the first time next month.  His new father, 1st Lt. Robert Miller of the 24th Combat Aviation Co., adopted Choi Hyung Don on Apr. 9, after a transoceanic exchange of pictures and telephone calls with his wife, Elizabeth Jane, in Evansville, Ind.

Miller and his wife started discussing adoption of a Korean orphan as soon as the light plane pilot arrived here last year.  A chaplain at AFFE Eighth Army headquarters put Miller in touch with the Chong-Hyon Babies Home in Seoul where he first saw Donny last December.  But it wasn't until last weed after all the necessary papers had been approved that Miller had a chance to take Donny to his base at A-9 for a weekend.

Donny and the company promptly formed a mutual admiration society.  Saturday night Donny rode piggyback to the movies.  "A 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon had him sitting on the edge of his seat with eyes as big as saucers," his new father reported.

After spending the night in a double-decker bed in the barracks, Donny went off to church Sunday morning with 12 pilots.  "He made an awful racket", Miller reports, "but the chaplain was very happy.  It was the first time he had heard a baby cry in church since he left the States."

MILLER IS a little worried about Donny's adjustment to the States.  "He's an only child and knows very little English, though he can count up to five and imitates everything I do or say," Miller claims.  His wife is even more anxious with nothing to do but wait.

But Donny appears unconcerned as he tilts the peak of his baseball cap to a rakish angle and reaches for another Hershey bar.



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