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Baby-Sitter - Sp3 Peter C. Danza, returning to his home in Flushing, New York for discharge after service in Korea, has taken on the additional duty as "baby-sitter"for K Chung Mi, Korean orphan adopted by his buddy Sp3 Russell B. Bowen, Eastport, Connecticut.  Since Bowen will not return from Korea in time to get the orphan to the States under the immigration deadline for Korean orphans, Danza, now sailing aboard the USNS transport Gen. A.C. Anderson, offered to deliver the year and a half old girl to her grandmother who is waiting in San Francisco.

Stars and Stripes,  May 4, 1956

Sitter's Transpacific Favor Challenges World Records

A pair of world's baby-sitting records may be broken by a U.S. Army soldier who undertook his job as a favor for a friend.SPS Peter C. Danza, now at sea aboard the Navy transport Gen. A. C. Anderson, is threatening to break the marks for distance traveled and continuous time spent in watching over another's infant.

Danza's charge is 1˝-year-old Kim Bowen, a birght-eyed Korean orphan girl named Chung Mi before shewas adopted by Danza's buddy, SP3 Russell B. Bowen.  Before they part company, Danza and Kim will have spent more than three weeks together, traveling from Korea to San Francisco. Danza became involved in the story because of the deadline for entry of Korean orphans into the U.S.  Bowen's time in Korea extended beyond the deadline, and for a time it appeared Kim would never see her new home.

But Danza offered to take Bowen's place for a few weeks and deliver the girl to her grandmother, Mrs. Clifton Lyon, in San Francisco.  Mrs. Lyon will see that Kim gets to Eastport, Connecticut, where Bowen's wife and his son, Cliff, 1 ˝, will greet her.

Army Photo by Mr. Kasuo Watanabe 


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