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Lt. Field and Adopted Kid Brother

U.S. Officer’s Parents Adopting Korea Waif

A 10-year-old Korean orphan will be on “rotation oders” to the U.S. soon, thanks to a 21st Regt. Lieutenant who pipelined adoption proceedings through his parents in the States. 

“Rocky” A North Korean refugee who saw his father killed and suffered a wounded leg in the 1950 invasion, first remembered American troops as the gentle hands that fed and tended him. 

The lad wandered from unit to unit until men of Golf Co.,  21st Regt., gave him a permanent status.  They appealed to Lt. Robert W. Field, who took over as the lad’s guardian and wrote his parents in the States proposing an addition to the household.

Rocky, well fed and clothed by other members of the regiment, has been attending school in a nearby village until the adoption proceedings are completed.



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