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San Francisco: Cpl. Peter Danza gives Mrs. Clifton Lyon the 18-months-old Korean orphan girl, Chung Mi, he brought with him  from the Orient aboard the transport Gen. Anderson.  Danza, 24, volunteered to bring the youngster to the U.S. for Cpl. (and Mrs.) Russell Bowen, of Eastport, Connecticut, who adopted her from a Korean orphanage.  Mrs. Lyon is Bowan's mother-in-law.  Danza's biggest problem on the trip - diaper-changing, naturally.


Stars and Stripes,       5/9/56      





Soldier Ends Transpacific "Sit"


Here she is - Cpl. Peter Danza hands 18-month Chung Mi, Korean orphan, to Mrs. Clifton Lyon as he steps off the transport Gen. Anderson in San Francisco, California.  Danza volunteered to bring the youngster to the U.S. for adoption by Cpl. and Mrs. Russell Bowen of Eastport, Connecticut.  Mrs. Lyon is Bowen's mother-in-law. 


(UP Photo)




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