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Stars and Stripes, Jan. 29, 1955

Yank, Korean Son Leave For States After Long Wait

SEOUL (INS)-The master sergeant loved the kid so much he came back to Korea three times to get him. Friday the California soldier and his bright eyed adopted son, with red tape and worries behind them, are on their way to Santa Cruz, Cal., aboard the troopship General Mitchell.  M/Sgt. John F. Cassidy first met Chun Sik in the early days of the war while serving with the 3rd Inf. Div.  It was "love at first sight."  Cassidy and the shabby little orphan spent much of their time together.  When his hitch was up, Cassidy put Chun Sik into an orphanage in Seoul where he would be properly cared for.

2nd Tour in 1953

Cassidy was sent to Korea for a second tour of duty in January, 1953.  One of the first things he did was to take Chun Sik out of the orphanage.

While serving with the 8050 Army Unit at Bupyong, the sergeant and the Korean tot renewed their acquaintance.  Near the end of his second tour Cassidy started adoption procedures to take Chun Sik home with him.

Time Runs Out

But, time ran out and Cassidy was forced to leave Korea again without Chun Sik.  He vowed to come back and claim his "son."

When word finally reached Cassidy that the adoption paperwork had been completed he asked and received time off from the Army to make a third trip to the war torn land.  With a 60 day leave tucked into his pocket Cassidy again embarked for Korea.  This time his dream came true.


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