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Chief Petty Officer and Mrs. Edward Steinsiek enjoy sit with their adopted children (from left) Rodney, 6 months; Frank, 3, and Tina, 1, at their home in Chinhae, Korea.  They are one of five U.S. Navy families there who have adopted Korean children during their tour in the Republic of Korea.  Stiensiek is with the U.S. Naval Advisory Group Det.

(USA Photo)

Stars and Stripes, Feb. 19, 1962

Navy Couple Adopts 2 Koreans

CHINHAE, Korea (UNC/USK/8A)-Chief Petty Officer and Mrs. Edward Steinsiek have an international family of two Korean orphans and an American youngster they adopted.  The Steinsieks are one of five U.S. Navy families who have adopted Korean orphans during their tour in this southern Republic of Korea seaport.

Steinsiek, a member of the U.S. Naval Advisory Group Det. In Chinhae, has extended his tour twice since arriving in November, 1959.  The Navy couple came here with their eldest son, Frank,3, whom they adopted in San Diego, Cal.  One year later, they found Tina, now a year old, at the Children's Charity Hospital in Pusan, and adopted her.

Their latest family member is 6 month old Rodney, who was in the Chinhae Babies Home.  "We wanted to adopt another Korean chold but the U.S. orphan immigration law places a limit of two Korean orpans per U.S. family," Mrs. Steinsiek says.

The Steinsieks find no difference between the members of their international family.  "They are all our kids," the Navy chief said, "and we are going to help them become good American citizens."

The family is scheduled to leave Korea this summer for the U.S.

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