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Stars and Stripes, Dec. 16, 1962

PVT. Lee J. Elvena

U.S. Soldier Seeks Parents in Korea


SEOUL (7TH LOG)  Army Pvt. Lee J. Elvena, 23, a recent arrival at the 142d Quartermaster Bn., 7th Logistical command, in Pusan, Korea, is hoping to locate his family in time for his first Christmas with them since 1952.

Elvena was born in Chol Won,  Kang Won Do Province (on the east coast near the 38th Parallel) in Korea on April 30, 1939, and was named Jong Churl Lee by his father, Jin Mok Lee,  farmer.

At the outbreak of the Korean War he was in the second grade of primary school at Chol Won.  In early 1953 he became separated from his family and he has had no word since of their fate.  At that time his family consisted of his father (who would now be about 47 years old); his step-mother, Kum Ya Lee (now 35); sister, Pok Soon Lee (now 27); and younger brother, Jong Mahn Lee (now 20).

In 1954 Elvena was adopted from the Ah Min Orphanage in Chunchon City by U.S. Army Cpl. Robert Elvena of the 45th Infantry and went to the United States.  He completed grade school and high school in Riverside, N.J.

Last May, he volunteered for the Army, requesting assignment after basic training to the Eighth Army in Korea.  Anyone having knowledge of the whereabouts of Elvena's family or what happened to them is requested to contact the 142d Q.M. Bn. at Pusan, 3817 or 3855.

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