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Apr. 5, 1954


Korean Orphan Arrives in U.S. With New Dad 

TRAVIS, AFB, Cal., Apr. 5 (INS)-Nam Tae Ho, a Korean war orphan, arrived in the U.S. yesterday to be greeted by his new, ready-made family of six brothers and sisters.  Nam landed at the Travis Air Force Base northeast of San Francisco in the company of his new father-to-be, Air Force Major Vernon J. Sture of Sacramento who brought the five-year-old boy with him from Tokyo.  

When the pair arrived at the field in an Air Force Constellation, they were taken to the Officers' club for a surprise birthday party for Nam.  There he met Major Sture's wife, Shirley, and the six Sture children who range in age from five months to eight years. 

Nam was pleased with the meeting but still most impressed with his airplane flight.  He sought to demonstrate the landing by spreading out his arms and fluttering around the room.  The Sture children were delighted with their new brother and so was Mrs. Sture who said: "I'm very happy about this.  Somehow I feel that this is what God willed." 

Major Sture first met Nam last June when the personnel of his base put on a "Father's Day" for Korean war orphans.  The two took an immediate liking to each other and, after consultation with his wife, Major Sture decided to adopt the boy.



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