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Good At Dice, Too


Orphan Gets Stripes With USAFIK Outfit

April 1, 19(?)

SEOUL, April 1 (INS)-"Sergeant" Eddie Johnnie may be only forty inches tall, but these are sufficient inches to hold a man's spirit.  Twelve-year-old "Sergeant" Eddie of the 216th QM Laundry, United States Army Forces in Korea, is only one of the many Korean orphans adopted by GI's stationed in Korea.  Little Koreans with southern drawls or Midwestern twangs are not uncommon around Seoul's army posts.

Eddie isn't leading a child's life by any means.  It took him three years to get his "stripes," according to the Laundry officer.  He commented, "Eddie lives the life of soldier and accepts it as perfectly natural.  He's absorbed the meanings of discipline and order, and like any soldier, he gripes but complies."

Eddie first "enlisted" in the American Army in 1946 through a company mess sergeant stationed near the 38th parallel.  After the company was transferred to Seoul he gradually drifted into the QM Laundry Service, and has been there ever since.  This may at times cause great pangs of regret among members of that particular group, for Eddie is reported to be a gambler with a lucky streak.

"He hauls into my office quite regularly with his winnings," the laundry officer said.  All of his money is being put away for the day when he returns to Kwangju.




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