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Korea Lad Given Aid


Jan. 26, 1951


WITH 25TH INF. DIV. IN KOREA-Mercy extended its hand a little farther at one medical clearing station of the 25th Infantry Division recently.

A small Korean boy was brought into the aid station by his smaller brother.  The older lad had a deep laceration of the scalp and a cut over his left eye.  Surgical SFC Hernando C. Farmer of Eupora, Miss., worked over the cuts, cleaning and stitching the wounds.

Farmer, who has been in the Medical Corps eight years, handled the wounds gently but now and then a stifled cry would escape the tight lips of the Korean child.  Capt. Arthur Reiter of St. Louis, officer in charge of the aid station, would step over, nod approval of Farmer's work and return to the treatment of wounded soldiers.  It took three hours to finish the job.  Then the lad was taken to a nearby Korean Police Station for further treatment and released to join the long column of refugees streaming south to escape the terror of war.




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