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Dec. 5, 195(?)

U.S. Parcels Make Korean Kids Happy

By PFC Don King


SEOUL (Pac. S&S) - Sixty cheerful little Korean orphans are a lot happier today and better prepared for the bitter winter months ahead because of the kindness and generosity of a group of people in Allentown, Pa.

In response to an urgent request from Lt. Samuel C. Elliott, members of St. Lukes Lutheran church of Allentown packed 20 large size parcels of clothing, bedding and school supplies and marked them for the Columbia children's school in Yondongpo.

ELLIOTT HAD discovered the school by chance while transporting supplies from Inchon  Impressed by the good he saw being done at the orphanage, he inquired as to the children's needs and then promised he would see to it that they got them.  Monday that promise was fulfilled when a stacked weapons carrier backed up to the school and unloaded some 300 pounds of the badly needed supplies.




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