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Feb. 4, 1951


Passaic, N.J., MC Vets Send Gifts to ROK Kids


TOKYO-More than 1150 boxes of clothes, shoes and toys for needy Koreans, donated by the Marine Corps league of Passaic, N.J., arrived in Pusan Friday aboard the USS Catamount.  The gifts, totaling 50 tons, will be presented to Madame Syngman Rhee, wife of President Rhee of the Republic of Korea by the Marine Corps league.

The USS Catamount, commanded by Capt. R.L. Fumton left Kobe Feb. 1 after loading the gift shipment the previous night and morning.  The shipment first left the United States from Norfolk, Va., aboard the USS Dryee Canyon which delivered it to San Diego.  From there the USS Montros delivered it to Japan.




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