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Jan. 23, 1951


2 Frontline Infantrymen Become 'Mothers' For Day

By Jim Becker


ON WESTERN FRONT (ap)-Two veteran frontline infantrymen were "mothers" Monday.  They said they really appreciate the problems of parenthood.  The two foot soldiers, both bachelors, were stringing communications from a frontline outpost to a command post to the rear when they decided their jeep needed water.  They entered an apparently deserted village to hunt for a bucket and found one inhabitant left in the ramshackle collection of mud huts-a tiny baby.

"THE BABY LOOKED like it was almost dead from hunger and cold," said Corporal Melvin.  Corp. Paul Morrison of Princeton, Indiana, said "we hunted through the house until we found some blankets and wrapped up the baby and took him with us."  The two men finished their job and then began to search for someone who could care for the baby.  "We were getting kinda desperate," said Moore "because the baby was getting a little livelier and neither of us could change a diaper."

THE SOLDIERS FOUND a Korean woman with four babies of her own who offered to nurse their charge but didn't want to increase her brood to five.  They kept on looking.  Finally they found four Korean women who "all tried to feed the baby at once," said Morrison.  The women told Moore and Morrison through an interpreter "American soldiers are thoughtful and kind to children.  Even a hardboiled soldier has time to stop during the fighting and care for a small helpless baby."

THE TWO FI "mothers" turned the youngster over to the four Korean women who took care of the diaper department and took the baby with them.  Mothers Moore and Morrison returned to their infantry outfit.




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