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Stars and Stripes, Dec. 14, 1950


Korean Orphan Adopts Marines

WITH THE 1ST MARINE DIV. IN KOREA-A 17 year old Korean orphan, Lee Bveng San, has but one ambition-to go to the United States and join the Marine Corps.  Lee adopted the 1st Marines at Pusan when he joined a Navy medical unit attached to the First Provisional Marine Brigade.

WHEN THE UNIT boarded ship for the Inchon landing, Lee went along.  At Inchon, he worked around the station hospital, doing odd jobs until the division was again ordered to move.  Once again Lee, who speaks English almost as well as an American, stowed away.  His aptitude with English kept him from being discovered as a stowaway for a while.  When it was found out he was not a Marine, as he claimed, he was turned over into the custody of Maj. Frederick Simpson, of Oceanside, Calif.

At Wonsan, the major turned Lee over to Lt. Col. Marvin T. Starr of Pullman, Wash., commanding officer of headquarters battalion.  The colonel, who understands youngsters - he has two of his own - took Lee under his wing.

AVID STUDENT, Lee studies English whenever he isn't cleaning house or acting as interpreter for the colonel.  "Lee is a very intelligent boy," Colonel Starr said.


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