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Stars and Stripes, 9-51 

NEW MISSION-The "Korean Orphans Friendship Train" reaches the end of the line after a recent trip through the housing area to collect donations of food and clothing for Korean orphans adopted by members of the 19th Bomb Group.  A pile of canned goods donated by the children of Andersen Air Base can be seen (right) loaded in the truck. (USAF Photo) 


'Fireball Express' Runs Donation Line


HQ. 54TH RECON SQDN-The famed "Fireball Express," always a crowd pleaser at Andersen Air Force Base carnivals, is doing a new and worthwhile mission now.  Changing its name to the "Korean Orphans Friendship Train," her new mission is scheduled runs through the housing area to collect donations of old clothing, shoes, and canned goods for Korean war orphans adopted by members of the 19th Bomb Wing, formerly stationed on Guam.

THE TRAIN BOASTING red and yellow coaches mounted on trailers, was built and is operated by the 5th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (M) Weather, a component of MATS.  On her Korean friendship runs, Aug. 29-30, the train "charged" gifts brought by the children as admissions to a ride around the housing area.

TRAIN ENGINEER T/Sgt. John Combs, Jr. reported huge success with the train's latest mission.  Others assisting in the project were S/Sgt. Wray Stewart, fireman, and Sgt. Melvin Nundwsky, conductor and guard.



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