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Sergeant Yo-Yo Proves Snappy Mascot For MPs
Youth Found in Gutter ‘True’ Unit Member

By Cpl. Bob Starr

SEOUL, Mar. 29 (Pac. S&S)—A pint sized 7 year old Korean boy, found freezing to death in a Seoul gutter two months ago, is now the snappy mascot of the 55th Military Police Company and known as M/Sgt. Yo-Yo. A patrol vehicle found Yo-Yo lying in a gutter during the bitter winter and brought him to their quarters to clean him up and later deliver him to one of the orphanages.

YO-YO WAS A different person then; he was half starved, clothes dirty and insufficient for the winter winds, and in need of a hot bath and haircut. After giving him a haircut and bath the men started looking around for clothing to fit the waif. He was too small, so a couple of them borrowed the facilities of a tailor shop and, from some salvaged material, made him some fatigues.

Since that time, he has outgrown those, had others made, and has received civilian clothes and toys from the States. Yo-Yo may be small, but he still acts just like any other member of the company. He has a bed, footlocker, and clothing rack and stands inspections with the other members of his unit.

ONCE A MONTH, the company NCO club holds a dance with all proceeds going towards Yo-Yo’s educational fund. At the present, the fund for his education is up to about $400. Capt. Philip P. Fowler, company commander, says he is expected to conduct himself like anyone else and gets his spankings, too. When anyone sends for him, he has adopted the style of saluting and reporting.

Wearing his fatigues, patch, first sergeant stripes, and Korean campaign ribbons, he spends most of the day playing in the compound, but when chow time rolls around, he is always at the first three grader’s table putting away his share.








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