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NY Times, 2 Jan 1954


SEOUL, Korea, Jan. 1 (AP)-Eighty orphan children who were found living in a cave last spring have enjoyed holiday gifts of food, toys and clothing as a result of action by men of the United States Third Bombardment Wing.

They are sheltered in the Ok-Bong orphanage near Kunsan on South Korea's west coast. The center, which cares for ninety-six children made homeless by the war, is a gift to them from the Air Force. It replaces the hillside cave where the waifs lived.

The plight of the youngsters was revealed and aid began coming in from many quarters. Much came from the Chicago area in response to a plea printed in a newspaper from Staff Sgt. Robert L. Ziegner of Sherman, Tex. The Waco, Tex., chapter of the American Red Cross sent aid. Clothing was provided from donations sent by personnel at Mitchel Air Force Base, L.I.



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