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List of Orphanages

Listed below are the orphanages that are identified in one or more of the articles, documents or photographs in the Korean War Children's Memorial data base.

Type the name of the orphanage you are looking for in the space above and you will get a listing of all documents and photos in the data base that mention that orphanage. [You could also use the 'copy and paste' technique to enter the name of the orphanage into the 'search' box.]

Try various spellings of the name of the orphanage as the same orphanage often was called by slightly different names. On the other hand sometimes we find the same name being used for two very different orphanages.

Orphanage Name

10th AAA Orphanage Light House
1st Marine Air Wing Orphanage Lily Orphanage
1st RCM Orphanage Little Flower Catholic Orphanage
37th Field Artillery Bn. Orphanage Little Flower Orphanage
5th Air Force Orphanage Little Wanderer's Orphanage
  Long Life Orphanage
AAA Orphanage
AACS Orphanage Makamie Home
Ae A Won Manassas Manor Orphanage
Ae Kwang Won Marine Aircraft Group 12 Orphanage
Ae Min Orphanage Marine Children's Clinic
Ae Rim Won Marine Memorial Orphanage
Ae Rin Won Orphanage Maryknoll Clinic
Ae Ron Chip Orphanage Maryknoll Orphanage
Ae Saeng Won Mei Sil Wooi Home
Ae Yang Orphanage Mennonite Vocational School
Ae Yuk Orphanage Mi Ae Won Orphanage
Ah Hoong Orphanage
Mo Ui Mae Sil Ophanage
Ah Min Orphanage Moei Orphanage
Ai Cheng Orphanage Mokpo Appenzeller Children's Project
Ai Kuang Won Orphanage Mokpo Children's Home
Ai Kwang Won Home Mokpo Kong Saeng Won
Ai Kwhang Orphanage Mokpo Kong San Won
Ai Shang Orphanage Moui Mae Sil Orphanage
Ai Shin Orphanage Munske Children's House
Ai Shin Orphans Home Munske Orphanage
Ai Yin (Love and Help Them) Orphanage My Home Orphanage
Al Kwhang Orphanage Myong Jim Orphanage
Al Shang Orphanage Myong Jin Orphanage
Am Yang Christian Children's Orphanage Myong Jun Orphanage
An Hoong Orphanage Myong Shin Orphanage
An Yang Bo Yook Won Myung Chin Sa Orphanage
An Yang Pyung Wha Won Myung Jin Children's Home
Angel Orphanage Myung San Children's Home
Angel's Haven Myung Sung Orphanage
Ankara Children's Garden  
Ankara Orphanage Nae Won Orphanage
ASCS Orphanage Nam Book
Aye Yuk Orphanage Nam Book Ae Yook Won
  Nam Buk Orphanage
Baek Ship Ja Won Nam Kwang Orphanage
Bak Ae Won Nam Wang Orphanage
Bak Ai Won Orphanage National Boy's Training Center
Belgian Orphanage & Hospital National Catholic Welfare Council Orphanage
Bethany Home National War Widow's and Children's Home
Bethel Won New Hope Orphanage
Bo Yang Won  
Bo Yook Won Orphanage OEC aid program
Bo Yuk Won Oh Soon Zul Orphanage
Bohra Orphanage Ok Bong Orphanage
Boo Han San Orphanage Ok Byung Orphanage
Boo Ik Orphanage Operation Mascott
Book Han San Orphanage Orgu Orphanage
Bow Ha Orphanage Orphans Home of Korea
Boy Scouts Orphans' Home of Korea (Han Kook Bo Yook Won)
Boys Town Orphans' Home of Korea (Boys & Girls)
Boy's Town (Sam Dong) Oryu Ae Yook Won
Boy's Town Nebraska Oryu Orphanage
Boys' Town Orphanage Osan Boy's Town
Brownie Hong Jae Orphanage  
Buk Han San Pak Ai Children's Home
Buk Han San Children's Home and Music Academy Po Saeng Won
Buk Han San Home Po Wha Bo Yook Won
Buk Han San Orphanage Po Wha Orphanage
Bup Yong Orphanage Pochon Orphanage
  Pohang Caholic Orphanage
Camp Saint Barbara Orphanage Pohang Orphanage
Catholic Orphanage Police and Soldiers' Children's Home
Central Catholic Orphanage Pub Won Orphanage
Central Children's Home Pung Duck Won
Cha He Won Pung Ik Bo Yook Won
Cha Sun Dan Orphanage Pusan Appenzeller Children's Project
Chang-yung Orphanage Pusan Children's Charity Hospital
Cheju-do Island Orphanage Pusan Children's Clinic
Cheon Hae Orphanage Pusan Health Home
Children's Charity Hospital Pusan Orphanage
Children's Garden of Holy Mind Orphanage Pusan Orphanage Hospital
Children's Hospital of Korea Pyong Wha Won
Cholla-Pukto orphanages Pyung Hae Bo Yook Won
Chonan Ae Yook Won  
Chong Duk Won Orphanage Real Heaven Meeting Place Orphanage
Chong Hyun Babies' Home Roman Catholic Benedictine Monastary Orphanage
Chong Pyong-ni Orphanage  
Chong Ro elementary school S.O.S Orphanage and Clinic
Chongju Boys Town Sa Jik Receiving Home Sac Dul Children's Home
Chongju Home for Blind Children Sacred Heart Home for Boys
Chongju Home for Boys Sae Dol Children's Home
Chongju Home School for the Blind Sae Dul Won
Chong-No Orphanage Sai Dul Won
Chonju Presbyterian Med. Ctr. Saint Lazarus Leper Colony
Choung Hyun Baby Home Saint Paul Korean Orphanage
Choung Hyun Children's Home Salvation Army Boys' Home
Christian Babies' Home Salvation Army Girls' Home
Christian Children's Home Salvation Army Kunsan Children's Home
Christian Mission Orphanage Sam Ae Orphanage
Chun Chen Orphanage Sam Ae Won (Christian Herald)
Chun Chon Children's Home Sam Chin Baby Home
Chun Tchin Won Orphanage Sam Duk Day Nursery
Chun Yang Won Sam IL Ae Yook Won
Chung Eup Ae Yook Won Sam Shin Bo Yook Won
Chung Hae Orphanage Sam Sung Ae Yook Won
Chung Hak Nong Ye Won Sam Sung Home
Chung Jin Won Orphanage Sam Sung Orphanage
Colombia Orphanage Sam Yook Disabled Children's Home
Columbia Children's School Sam Yook Home
Columbia Children's Home Samil Methodist Orphanage
Columbia Children's School San Ae Children Home
Columbia Orphanage San Dong Orphanage
  Seibi Gakuen Orphanage
Dea Sung Orphanage Seoul Appenzeller Children's Project
Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institute Seoul Children's Home
Do Bong Orphanage Seoul Children's Home
Dong Chin Orphanage Seoul Children's Hospital
Dong Dwang Orphanage Seoul Choong Hyun Babies' Home
Dong Ill Orphanage Seoul National Children's Home
Dong Kwang Orphanage Seoul National Orphanage
Dong Sung Babies' Home Seoul National Orphans Home
Dong Sung Home Seoul Orphan's Center
Dong Sung Orphanage Seoul Salvation Army Boys' Home
Dong Sung Orphanage (Babies' Home) Seoul Salvation Army Day Nursery
Duk Sung Bo Yook Won Seoul Salvation Army Girl's Home
  Seoul Sanitarium & Hospital Orphanage
Eden Orphanage Seoul Special City Orphanage
Edsa Orphanage Severance Hospital
Ethel Underwood Home Shin Ae Won Children's Orphanage
Ethel Underwood Memorial Shin Eui Joo Bo Rin Won
  Shoeshine Boys' Town Orphanage
Friendship Home Sin Haeng Orphanage
Fusshi-to Orphanage Sin Kwang Won Home
  Sin Namg Orphanage
Garden of Children Home Sin Saeng Won
Good Earth Home Sisters of St. Paul Orphanage
Got Dong San Ae Yook Won So Chun Children's Home
Gu Rim Bo Yook Won So Yang Children's Home
Gwang Myong Won Social Work Orphan Asylum of Sim
  Song Am Do Orphanage
Hae-Sung Orphanage Soon Chun Ae Rin Won
Haeundae Orphanage Soong Hyun Baby Home
Hak Borin Won Orphanage Sosa Home
Han Kuk Orphanage Square & Compass Club Orphanage
Happy Mountain Orphanage St Theresa Orphanage
Happy Mountain Orphanage & Hospital St. Margaret's Orphanage
Happy Mountain Orphanage & Orthopedic Hsp. St. Paul's Catholic Orphanage
He Myung Orphanage St. Paul's Covent and Orphanage
He Yuk Won St. Paul's Orphanage
Heavenly Love Orphanage St. Theresa's Orphanage
Hee Larg Won Orphanage Star of the Sea
Hi Mang Orphanage Star of the Sea Hosp. & Orphanage
Hill's Boys Home Star of the Sea Hospital
Hirack Won Orphanage Star of the Sea of Our Lady
Ho Sung Bo Yook Won Star of the Sea Orphanage
Holt Adoption Agency Sun Ae Won Orphanage
Holt Adoption Program Sun Gog-ni Primary School
Holt Children's Service Sun Kam Island Boy's Orphanage
Holt Orphanage Sung Ae Won
Holung Orphanage Sung Ai Won
Holy Mother Orphanage Sung Ai Won Orphanage
Holy People's Home Sung Bwang Orphanage
Hoo Swan Won Orphanage Sung Duk Won
Hope Town Orphanage Sung Gyong Gwon Univ.
Hope, Inc. Orphanage Sung Kwang Orphanage
House of Hope Orphanage Sung Kwang Won (Christian Herald)
Husaeng Yukka Won (became the Sung Ae Won) Sung Sim Dong Won (Christian Herald)
Hwa Sung Babies' Home Sung Sim Won (Christian Herald)
Hwy Kyung Girls' Junior High School Sung U Ae Yook Won
Hwy Kyung Institute Foundation Sung Wha Won
Hye Sim Won (Mercy Heart) Orphanage Suwon Free Orphanage
  Suwon Nursery
Ik Sun Won Suwon Nutritional Center
Iksan Zion Home  
Il Min Won Orphanage Tae Sung Hak Won Orphanage
IL Sim Won Taegu Bo Yook Won
Imjin Orphanage Taegu Foundling Home
Immanuel Bo Yook Won Taegu Orphanage
In Ae Won Taejon Ae Yook Won
Inchon Appenzeller Children's Project Taejon Babies Fold
Inchon Women's Police Orphanage Taejon Chun Kwang Won (Blind Home)
Isabelle Home Taejon Salvation Army Boys' Home
Isabelle Home for Babies Taeju Chun Kwang Bo Yook Won
Isabelle Orphanage Taeju Foundling Home
IX Corps Civil Assistance Orphanage Taeju Salvation Army Girl's Home
  Taro Leaf Orphanage
Jin Yang Bo Yook Won The Children's Home
John Don Boscoe Orphanage The New England Home for Little Wanderers Orphanage
  Tuberculosis Orphans Home
Ke Myung Won  
Kinsel Orphanage Uijonbu Home for the Aged (and Orphanage)
Kon Nak Orphanage Ul San Yang Yook Won
Kong Saeng Won Underwood Memorial
Kong Seang Girls Home United Nations Orphanage
Koo Saeng Babies' Home Urichip Orphanage
Korean Baptist Orphanage  
Ku Chon Kyung Saing orphange Wha Sung Babies' Home
Kun Ro Hak Wha Sung Orphanage
Kunsan Salvation Army Boys' Home White Lily Orphanage
Kwa In Sa Children's Home  
Kwang Myong Orphanage Yang Ji Children's Home
Kwangju Choong Hyun Babies' Home Yang Won Orphanage
Kyng San Ae Yook Won Yeu Soo Bo Yook Won
Kyondong Nutritional Center Yeun Pyung Orphanage
Kyong Chun Ai In Sa Yong Joo Jahae Orphanage
Kyong Dong Babies' Home Young Joo Chain An Orphanage
Kyum Buk Orphanage Young Nak Bo Rin Won
Kyung Nam Boys' School Young Nak Presbyterian Orphanage
Kyung Nam Orphanage Young Sang Orphanage
Kyung Sung Children's Home Yu Dal Won
  Yu Rin Children's Home
  Yuk Won Orphanage
  Yum Chun Ae Yook Won
  Zion Ae Yook Won
  Zion Orphanage


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