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Orphans Home of Korea

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The Orphans' Home of Korea was created to receive the children rescued in the Kiddy Car Airlift. After several weeks a permanent director was named, Whang On Soon, who remained with the orphanage for half a century. This orphanage became famous because of the air lift and then gained international visibility with the publication of Colonel Dean E. Hess' book Battle Hymn and the movie produced with the same name.

We have collected photographs from various sources including the archives of Col. Dean E. Hess and Col. Russell L. Blaisdell. Chaplain Rutan who followed Blaisdell as 5th AF Chaplain sent us the color slides of the Orphans Home of Korea. He also donated the paintings done by the children.

Photo page, Orphans' Home of Korea


Whang On Soon, the first Director of the Orphans' Home of Korea when it was founded in 1951 died in Seoul, Korea early in 1954 at age 104.

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