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Holt Foundation

When the topic of Korean orphans or Korean adoption comes up most people immediately think of the Holts and the creation of the Holt organization. Actually the Holts did not get involved in the Korean adoption scene until after the Korean War had ended.

Since the orphans that the Holts adopted were mainly mixed race children many persons thought all Korean orphans were mixed race. Actually less than one percent of all Korean orphans or homeless children at the end of the war were of mixed race but given the cultural attitudes in Korea toward children of mixed blood (still strong today) these children were doomed to a life of discrimination and hardship unless they were removed from Korea and adopted by families in other nations.

Since many of our readers have asked for information on the Holts we include the following information that has come into our view.

Holt International Photo Page

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Tired Farmer Wishes for a Dozen More Orphans
Farmer to Seek 500 More Orphans
Adopted Korean Orphans Go To US
Korean Baby Lift
Farmer Holt, 12 Orphans land in U.S.
Farmer with Bumper Crop of Kids
Holt's Horde (Photo caption)
8 Korean Waifs Home in Oregon
Photo captions


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