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Christian Children's Fund

The Christian Children's Fund of Richmond, Virginia was formerly the China Children's Fund but with the "fall of China" and the expulsion of foreigners the CCF expanded its efforts in Korea and other nations. Shortly, though, their operation in Korea became their largest effort. In the early days of the war the aid they presented to the orphanages of Korea exceeded that of all other NGOs and UNKACK combined!

The first item on the list below is the inventory of all the orphanages in Korea receiving assistance from the CCF, their location, the name of the administrator and the number of children supported by the CCF in that orphanage (which often was far less than the total number of children in the institution).

The second item listed is the report that Mr. William F. Asbury, the first regional administrator for the CCF in Korea, prepared for the US Military in Korea. We located Mr. Asbury in Olympia, Washington and he was one of the speakers at the banquet following the dedication of the Korean War Children's Memorial in Bellingham on 27 July, 2003.

We are indebted to the Christian Children's Fund in Richmond, VA, for opening their files to us for research on these early years of the operation of the CCF in Korea. We are also appreciative of the help given us by William F. Asbury and also by Muriel Strom, daughter of the Rev. Verent Mills, who initiated CCF involvements in Korea.

In the archives of the CCF we found some documents that provided information on the founding of a number of the orphanages supported by the CCF in Korea. Material dealing with orpanages founded before the beginning of the Korean War is to be found in the section "Orphanages - Pre-1950" (above). Listed below are orphanages sponsored by the CCF but founded after the beginnng of the Korean War. The data are quite incomplete but are presented as found in the files. We did not include information found in those reports beyond a cut-off date of approximately 1960. The last orphanage listed, Myung San Children's Home, is included to indicate that even as late as 1959 thousands of children were still to be found wandering the by-ways of the nation without family or home.

List of Korean Orphanages supported in part by the CCF in 1954.
Military Help to Korean Orphanages, 1954, by Wm. Asbury, CCF (long report).
List of NGOs (Voluntary Agencies) working in Korea 1954 compiled by Asbury.
Photograph of heads of NGOs working in Korea 1954.
Ltr. from VJ Mills (Int'l Dir., CCF) to Dr. Clarke (Ex. Dir. CCF) 11 Feb '51
Ltr. from VJ Mills to Dr. Clarke 15 March 1951
Ltr. from VJ Mills to Dr. Clarke 19 March 1951
Ltr. from VJ Mills to Dr. Clarke 27 June 1951
Ltr. from Dr. Clarke to VJ Mills July 1951
Ltr. from William F. Asbury to Dr. Clarke September 1953
1950 - Orphans' Home of Korea
1951 - Bethel Won
1951 - Taejon Ae Yook Won
1952 - Chung Hak Nong Ye Won
1952 - Chung Yang Won
1954 - Pung Ik Bo Yook Won
1955 - Taejon Salvation Army Boys' Home
1959 - Myung San Children's Home




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