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Christmas Parties

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1st Battalion All Out for Orphan's Party
728th MPs Plan Fete for 260 Kids
352nd CRC - Yultide Project
Sam Sung Orphans
Repose Begins 3rd Year of Service
2nd Div. St Nicks Give Korean Tots Christmas
X Corps to deliver Christmas Presents
Marines Forfeit Phone Calls to Help Orphans
US Churches Give Clothes
Christmas Party Grows into 'Avalanche" of Aid
Tankers Hike Beer Price to Aid Koreans
Marine Reg. 'Adopts" Korean Village
UN Army Gives Yule Gifts
Gunners Give Own Gifts
Transport Pilots 'Bomb' Island With Candy
Blood Donating Champ Gives Tots Party
Yule Gifts Reach Korea from Alabama
8th Army Plans Yule Parties for Koreans
Square & Compass Club - Gifts for Orphans
Yank Funds To Aid Needy At Christmas
Orphans Gleeful With Gifts
First Faith Then Food for Waifs
Korea Yule Gifts Sent
Operation X-Mas May Net $50,000 Goal
Sergeant to Aid Korean Orphans
Yanks Share Yuletide With Far East Needy
Santa's Helpers Aid Korean TB Orphans
Tokyo Santas in Korea
Christmas Comes Twice for Tots
2nd Div. St. Nicks
Yule Parties for Orphans
Unit Donates $1,845
Ex-PW Helps Korea Orphans Fund
5,000 Orphans Receive Yule Gifts
Airmen Plan Yule Parties
3,000 Inchon Orphans to Receive Yule Gifts
32nd Rgt. Digs Up $3,872 for Orphans
728th MPs Plan Fete for 260 Korean Kids
Unit Starts Drive
Korea Orphans Sing at Their RC Party
1,600 Gifts for Korean Orphans
KComZ Commander Helps Play Santa
Military Charity Spreads Good Will
100,000 lbs of Clothes Boosts 5th AF 'Christmas Call'
Orphans Get Yule Show From Estes



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