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Photos and Stories

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Youngest Corporal in Korea
Sgt. Makes Education Possible for Korean Boy
Mechanics Aid Waifs
Hardboiled MP's Go Soft
Henry Holds His Rate In Fighting 1st Cav.
Korean Boy Walks Again
Sgt Plans Adoption of "Wild Bill"
Yanks Provide Schooling for Korean Orphan
Lives at Work
Be-Bop Plays Cowboy
Korean Kids Given Clothes by Sailor
Seoul Orphans go AWOL
General's Stars Pinned on 'Skoshi'
'Skoshi' Has Longest Service With KMAG
'Moon' Learns Touch Typing
Yank Pities Orphan
Adopted Korea Lad Gets GI Upbringing
'Hardbitten' GIs Take In Homeless Lad
368Korean Waif Capture Hearts
Korea Tot Adopted By Swearing Texan
Future MP
Orphan Gets Stripes With USAFIK Outfit
Korean Orphan Adopted by GI
Group of Texans Adopts Korea Lad
Korean Orphan Adopts Marines
13-Year-Old Refugee Is 2d Div. Interpreter
Junior Emulates MP Big Brother
Cpl. Seeks Funds to Educate Little Korean Friend.
8-Year Old Waif Storms Pusan Port
Marine Air Wing Gives Orphan Chance To Walk
PFC Aids Mute Seoul Urchin
Korean Orphan Finds Real Friend In Yank Corporal
Youngest SFC Expects Rotation Next June
Tank Unit's Donation Amazes Chaplain
'Butch' Plays Role Of Kipling Hero
Cav. Unit Adopts ROK Sea Scouts
Sukoshi Scholar
Boston Places Official Bid
Army Life for Pete
Two 'Dads' of Korean Orphan
Korean Kids Line Panmunjom Road
Sgt. Yo-Yo Proves Snappy Mascot
Crippled Mascot Sees I-G
7th Division Dedicates School



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