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Orphanages - 1950-1954

By the beginning of 2004 we had collected information, stories and photographs on over 300 different orphanages. We are unsure just how many because the same orphanage often was referred to in the articles and stories by slightly different names and, on occasion, we found the same name being used for different institutions.

The first item on this list of articles is a document that provides the names of orphanages sustained, in part, by the Christian Children's Fund of Richmond, Virginia. Mr. William F. Asbury, now residing in Olympia, Washington State, prepared this list in March of 1954. His extensive report on the condition of orphanages in Korea in 1953 and their relationship to the US military follows as document number two. Following that are articles that appeared in the Pacific Stars & Stripes during those years that deal with military aid to the orphanages.

Photographs 1950-1954
CCF List of Orphanages
Bill Asbury "Military Help to Korean Orphanages" (long)
5th Air Force Supports Orphanages
5th RCT Starts Orphan's Fund
6-yr Old General Has Travel Orders
Korean Girl Loves Officer, Now Happy
8th Cav. Reg. Helps Orphans
Raffling cake Aids Pusan Orphan Fund
Airmen fly Gifts to Kids
Korean 'Boy's Town' Population Boosted
Taegu Masons Aid Orphans
Chaplains Praised
6122nd wing Revisits Korean Orphanage
Taejon Orphanage
Korean Orphans Get US Aid
Letter Home Helps Warm Tots
Indianhead Units Set New Record
Sailors, Marines Unite to Garb Korean Tots
I Corps Group aids Orphans
187th Troopers Donate $5,000 for Orphanage
40th Medical Units Provide Dispensary
7th Division Dedicates School for Koreans
Charity of U.S. Troops Fantastic
Yanks Drive for Korean Boys' Town
Out in the cold?
75th Wing Gifts Aid Goal of Presby. Home
Korea Boys' Town Opens
2 "dads" of Korean Orphan Attend PTA Mtg.
Military Charity Spreads Good Will
Orphans Face Suffering Unless Aid Comes Soon
24th Div. Gives Care to 200 Orphans
Army Units Clear Pusan; Erect More Tents
24th Div. Gives Aid to Orphans
7th Div. Contributes for Korean School
Good Samaritans in Uniform
Lost Kids Get New Home
AF ROK Aid Tops $250,000
KMAG Funds Aid Orphans
US Army Units Aid 68 Pusan Charities
Needy Receive Army Surplus
Cash Prizes go to Aid Drive Winners
$928 Donated to Korean Tots
Tots Get Surprise Treat From Yank
Concert Nets Funds for Korean Orphans
Rail Units Aid Korean Orphans
"Color TV" Used to Aid ROK Waifs
Taro Leaf Orphan Not Forgotten
Future Brighter for Hong and 202 Orphans
NCO's Donate $3,500 to Aid Orphanage
Yanks Contribute $700 for Taegu Orphan Day
Taegu Troops Plan Party for Orphans
226th Ord. Base Depot Fetes Orphans
Yank Adopts 135 Orphans
55th MPs Fete Seoul Orphans
24th Div. Unit Gives Orphans Bowls, Shoes
863rd Plans Orphanage Aid
Orphans' Shower Project Finished
Garden Deeded to Orphanage
Korean Orphans Fete Marines
Village Thanks Lines Unit
42 Korean Orphans Bathed in Kindness
Korean Orphanage Thanks KMAG
Yanks Go All Out for ROK Orphans
Orphanage School Opens
Seaman's Canteen Assists Orphanage
Stateside Marines Collect Goods for Orphans
Transport Carries Hope to Chaplain's Orphanage
Marines Forfeit Phone Calls to Help Orphans
Warriors Donate $2,815 to Home
First Faith Then Food
7th Div. Dedicates School
'Vagabond' Aids I-Corps Fund




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